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Why we need mentoring and diversity in engineering

Global Engineering Day

Global Engineering Day is not just for the standard college-bred engineers. It is intended is to celebrate all scientists. The engineering field is wide open in today’s world. Many of us became engineers thanks to mentoring and encouragement from parents and teachers. On Global Engineering Day, we should ask ourselves what are we doing to introduce younger generations to the vast potential of careers in STEM.

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Cybersecurity and electric vehicles with DOE


There were two major pieces of news in July involving the American Public Power Association and the Department of Energy. The DOE said it will provide APPA with funding for member utility physical and cyber security efforts. Separately, the association and the DOE signed a memorandum of understanding related to electric vehicle adoption and charging infrastructure construction.

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Watch out: OSHA on injury and illness reporting


On May 12, OSHA released its final rule to improve tracking of workplace injuries and illnesses. This final rule becomes effective on August 10, 2016 — so start preparing now. Utilities may need to make changes to long-standing practices around post-accident drug testing and safety incentives. Only discipline employees when they break a “legitimate” workplace safety or health rule.

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Remembering Nikola Tesla, an engineer’s engineer

Nikola Tesla Day

July 10 is the birthday of Nikola Tesla, one of the most famous, yet underappreciated, electrical engineering minds of all time. He died in 1943 alone, broke, and quite possibly insane in New York City. Today a Google search for ‘Tesla’ brings up a bunch of car dealerships before the Wikipedia entry for the great inventor himself. But for many electrical engineers like me who chose to go into power engineering, Tesla is a hero.

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