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Energy conservation ambassadors in high school


E-Tracker, an innovative high school energy education program funded by the American Public Power Association’s DEED program, educates future customers about how the weather influences their families’ electricity bills. Discover how the program is improving customer satisfaction and building goodwill in 13 North Carolina communities. E-Tracker is a favorite among teachers, students, and utility staff — see how your utility can replicate the success.

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Connecting with your future workforce


Workforce development is more important than ever as Baby Boomers retire. One of the best ways to draw recent grads to the public power industry is to build connections with universities and vocational schools in your community. These partnerships create a pipeline for recent grads to the utility and open opportunities for collaboration on innovative projects.

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Making solar work for you


Customers want solar. And no matter how they access it, they will turn to their utility for help. The technology may not be for everyone, but utilities that prepare proactively can better respond if customer interest does arise. Utilities are uniquely positioned to maximize the customer benefits of solar, and public power utilities in particular are poised to support innovation and effective integration through customer relationships.

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