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The power of women: Non-partisan legislative solutions


As the Kansas legislative session grappled with a calamitous budget situation, tempers flared and solutions were elusive. A large contingent of women from both chambers and both parties came together and developed the framework for a workable tax plan. People want leaders who work hard to provide workable solutions for their community and are not bogged down by partisan wrangling.

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5 reasons you should participate in GridEx IV


The electricity sector is a target for those wanting to cause harm through cyber or physical attacks. You know that being impacted by a cyber or physical security incident is not outside the realm of possibility, yet how many opportunities do you have to practice incident response? Even if your organization is not directly impacted by an incident, you will be asked what you did to prepare for one.

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Reliability designation can help public power credit ratings


Earning recognition as a Reliable Public Power Provider (RP3) demonstrates many things about your utility. An RP3 designation signifies leadership in reliability, safety, work force development, and system improvement. It shows your commitment to keeping the lights on for your customers, and it’s no easy feat – the RP3 application process is rigorous and takes months to complete. An RP3 designation can also indicate good financial health.

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