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EmPowering the next generation


As a municipal, multi-service utility, GRU takes pride in the fact that we are owned by the people we serve. Our Community Relations department is committed to advancing the values of GRU and actively participating in the betterment of our community. Camp EmPower is a free, weeklong camp for Alachua County middle-schoolers that introduces them to the fields of conservation, energy supply, energy delivery, natural gas, water, wastewater and telecommunications through guided tours of GRU facilities.

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Powering strong communities by giving back


The Association’s annual Day of Giving in Orlando, Florida on June 16 is now in its tenth year. This event showcases public power’s commitment to community service and gives our National Conference attendees the opportunity to volunteer with local service projects. We hope many of you can join us. If not, maybe there’s something you can do right in your local community. Share some pictures of your community service projects on social media on June 16.

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Help preserve tax-exempt municipal bonds


With some Members of Congress talking about removing the tax exemption for municipal bonds as part of larger tax reform measures, the public power community must ensure that lawmakers understand all the benefits that flow from tax-exempt municipal bonds. In 2017, the American Public Power Association has ramped up advocacy efforts to maintain the tax exemption for municipal bonds.

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