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Staffing strike zone: pitch with data


The right staffing level at a utility is a moving target that depends on many factors like service territory size and services offered. However, we can loosely define the “strike zone” by looking at national data and trends. Our analysis of data from more than 800 public power utilities can help you better understand the typical relationship between staffing levels, customer count, and revenue class.

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Super Bowl 50 and public power


On the evening of December 19, 2011, the San Francisco 49ers were preparing for the final home game of the season in their 40th year in Candlestick Park. As tailgating fans began cascading into the stadium to watch their home team, a PG&E transformer exploded and the stadium went dark. Crews scrambled to get everything back to normal quickly – this was, after all, the marquee Monday Night Football game for the week – and their efforts were successful as power was restored after only delaying kickoff by 20 minutes.

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From cable TV to Netflix: lessons for electric utilities


Let’s face it: the electric utility business isn’t typically seen as high tech or innovative. But new technologies ranging from the internet of things to rooftop solar and real-time demand response are significantly impacting utility services. Cable television is also experiencing significant change on account of new technologies that customers can directly access. Is there anything electric utilities can learn from cable TV?

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