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Electricity is more than the bill


When I started my career in public power in 1979 at the Intermountain Consumer Power Association, I didn’t know the difference between a kilowatt and a kilowatt-hour — let alone what public power was. Fortunately, I had several mentors who not only helped me advance in my career but also nurtured in me a passion for all that is public power, and the wonderful American spirit of community.

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Remembering Nikola Tesla, an engineer’s engineer

Nikola Tesla Day

July 10 is the birthday of Nikola Tesla, one of the most famous, yet underappreciated, electrical engineering minds of all time. He died in 1943 alone, broke, and quite possibly insane in New York City. Today a Google search for ‘Tesla’ brings up a bunch of car dealerships before the Wikipedia entry for the great inventor himself. But for many electrical engineers like me who chose to go into power engineering, Tesla is a hero.

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