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5 reasons you should participate in GridEx IV


The electricity sector is a target for those wanting to cause harm through cyber or physical attacks. You know that being impacted by a cyber or physical security incident is not outside the realm of possibility, yet how many opportunities do you have to practice incident response? Even if your organization is not directly impacted by an incident, you will be asked what you did to prepare for one.

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WannaCry ransomware: What every utility needs to know


There are many articles and official sources of information about WannaCry, the ransomware that was unleashed on Friday, May 12th, 2017 and quickly spread to 150 countries around the world. This post is intended to provide the basics to guide utility senior management in understanding what happened, what to do if WannaCry is detected on their network, and what to do going forward to prevent this type of risk to their networks.

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5 things you may not know about cybersecurity


The electric utility sector is the only critical infrastructure sector that has mandatory and enforceable standards for cybersecurity. Public power believes the current regulations and standards established by Congress in 2005 provide a solid foundation for strengthening the industry’s security posture. These standards are dynamic. Close coordination among industry and government partners at all levels is essential to deter attacks and prepare for emergency situations.

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Cybersecurity and electric vehicles with DOE


There were two major pieces of news in July involving the American Public Power Association and the Department of Energy. The DOE said it will provide APPA with funding for member utility physical and cyber security efforts. Separately, the association and the DOE signed a memorandum of understanding related to electric vehicle adoption and charging infrastructure construction.

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