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The Top 3 Myths of a Key Accounts Program

Top 3 Key Accounts Myths

Public power utilities serve a community’s residential and commercial customers. A utility may designate some large commercial and industrial customers as “key accounts” because they have a big impact on the utility and community through large consumption of energy or water, substantial job creation capabilities, a significant tax base and revenue stream for the community, or political or strategic influence.

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A “Net Zero” Building Is Good, A “Net Zero” Community Is Great

net zero communities

Many public power communities have strongly committed to energy resources that are more sustainable and sensitive to the environment. And some have invested in pilot programs that explore the idea of “net zero” buildings — that produce as much or more energy than they consume on a net basis over the course of a year.

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Smart Electricity Meters = More Customers Served

smart electricity meters equals more customers served

What are smart meters? Smart meters are digital meters that replace the old analog meters used in homes and businesses to record electricity use. Smart meters can transmit energy use information back to the utility quickly and often, without requiring a visit by a human meter reader. Smart meters can also notify the utility of a power outage.

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Washington Report: 
FERC Commissioner Clark on Energy Infrastructure and Capacity Markets


FERC Commissioner Tony Clark says electricity capacity markets are not appropriate for all situations. If FERC wants markets to expand and has an interest in making RTOs a potentially attractive option for consumers, then it needs to understand that certain regions are different and not mandate capacity markets wherever they are because that will chase a lot of utility players out.

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Making Solar Work For You


Customers want solar. And no matter how they access it, they will turn to their utility for help. The technology may not be for everyone, but utilities that prepare proactively can better respond if customer interest does arise. Utilities are uniquely positioned to maximize the customer benefits of solar, and public power utilities in particular are poised to support innovation and effective integration through customer relationships.

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