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Push Beyond Your Limits


The most powerful weapon you have in your arsenal to take on change is you. And your innate ability to get out of your comfort zone, to push beyond your limits. It’s not easy but it’s the only way to realize your potential for lifelong growth and transformation. What does it take to get outside your comfort zone? Stress, openness to experience, and asking yourself the right questions.

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Keeping Up With New Energy Technologies: The DEED Advantage


Sue Kelly, president and CEO of the American Public Power Association recently kicked off the 36th Annual Utility Energy Forum with a keynote presentation that engaged the audience in thinking about how utilities will meet increased customer expectations in a time of transformation. Her presentation fit perfectly with the theme of the conference, “The Transformed Utility: Connecting for Success” and resonated with the audience.

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Public power takes full advantage of its seat at the federal policymaking table


Meetings held by the U.S. Department of Energy across the country in April and May gave the public power community a unique opportunity to weigh in on a number of key energy policy matters of importance to public power. More than 10 public power executives took full advantage of that opportunity to, among other things, detail how public power is proactively working to address the growth of distributed energy resources and rapidly changing customer expectations in a digital age.

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Strategic Planning For the Community, By the Community


When was the last time your customers stopped by to do a little painting or change the oil? Instead of asking our customers for some elbow grease, we asked them to roll up their sleeves and get involved in a strategic plan for the District’s next five years and beyond. No one wants to go to another meeting. But we had to change that kind of thinking and let our customers see how a strategic plan actually has an impact on their lives.

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Is Your HR Up to Par? Best Practices Checklist


As an HR practitioner, you directly impact your utility’s most important asset — people. How do you know your HR practices are on the right track? APPA has created a “best practices” checklist to help you assess and prioritize. Use this checklist to see where you are on policies, recruitment and retention, training, diversity, and technology use. And find out what resources APPA has to help.

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10 Tips: Keep Customers Secure With Grid Modernization


Utilities well know that some customers are uncomfortable with utilities — or anyone for that matter — possessing fine levels of information about their lives. But more information means more benefits for everyone, customers included. Granular data means customers can better see their energy use patterns and find ways not only to save energy, but to save money.

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