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Is Your HR Up to Par? Best Practices Checklist


As an HR practitioner, you directly impact your utility’s most important asset — people. How do you know your HR practices are on the right track? APPA has created a “best practices” checklist to help you assess and prioritize. Use this checklist to see where you are on policies, recruitment and retention, training, diversity, and technology use. And find out what resources APPA has to help.

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10 Tips: Keep Customers Secure With Grid Modernization


Utilities well know that some customers are uncomfortable with utilities — or anyone for that matter — possessing fine levels of information about their lives. But more information means more benefits for everyone, customers included. Granular data means customers can better see their energy use patterns and find ways not only to save energy, but to save money.

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Powering A Better Community — Utility Starts Free Bike Share


River Falls Municipal Utilities has led a community effort to launch a free bike share program in town on Earth Day. This is what public power can do to serve the community. We strive to improve because we’re owned and operated by people who live in this community. There will be no kilowatt hours saved nor will we deploy the latest technology. It’s simply a fun, collaborative project that just might make our town a better place and demonstrate our commitment to innovation.

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Electric Capacity Markets Are Failing the Northeast


The Northeast and mid-Atlantic regions face serious challenges in maintaining reliability as a result of electricity capacity markets that are rife with problems. These markets actually impede the creation of new power resources — especially renewables — to meet future demand, while costing customers billions of dollars.

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Microgrids: A Solution in Search of a Problem?


At the first sign of trouble, our community decides to disconnect from the broader grid. Why worry — we live on our own little microgrid with a limitless supply of electricity, right? The problem is that when we disconnect from the main grid, the collective amount of generation in our microgrid is suddenly unable to supply 100 percent of load.

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What’s at stake for public power in the electric utility case before the Supreme Court?


The cases involve an important issue for APPA and its members: state and local control of generation resource planning and procurement. In an era of increasing federal regulation and technological change, it is important to understand why such local control remains good public policy and should be preserved.

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