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Why Is EPA Penalizing Nuclear, the Nation’s Third Largest Energy Source?


Power providers are being penalized for developing new nuclear generation facilities when they should be encouraged to diversify energy sources. During Nuclear Science Week, a national week-long celebration of local, regional, and national interest in all aspects of nuclear science, public power applauds advanced nuclear technologies in energy, and wants to tell you why fossil fuel-free nuclear energy is an essential component of America’s generation mix.

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Smart Meters Are Smart Enough to Protect Your Privacy

Since 2012, utilities in the United States have set up more than 43 million Advanced Meter Installations (AMI), aka “smart meters” in homes and businesses, and more such meters are being installed every day. Why smart meters? What can they do and not do? Do they threaten your privacy? Do they give others control over how you use electricity? Let’s find out.

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A Revolution in the Making: Rethinking Electricity in the Next 50 Years


Smart grids have become agents of far-reaching change, allowing us to make informed choices about the utilization of precious resources. They will help guide our investments in infrastructure and technology, create more intelligent regulatory frameworks, and help us rethink how electricity will be generated and delivered over the next 50 years.

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