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Going Local: How Municipalization EmPOWERs Communities

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While municipalization is certainly not for everyone, the demand for locally-owned products and services is on the upswing. The millennial generation is more disposed to support clean energy, wants more choice in its energy decision-making, and may favorably view government intervention to achieve these goals. All these factors increase the growth potential for public power as a business model, and a way of life, in communities across America.

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Grid Security: Can We Have the Whole Picture Please?


When it comes to grid security, media outlets are apt to transform the mundane into the sensational. Consider the Wall Street Journal’s July 17 story on new standards for physical security of the bulk electric grid. The WSJ story, in search of controversy, actually buries the lead, which is that FERC directed NERC to submit this standard and is now is taking public comment on its plan to approve NERC’s proposed standard.

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Who’s Really Paying for Solar Power?

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In the long term, does solar really save costs for society as a whole? Or does it simply shift the costs from solar customers to utilities, and in turn to other electricity customers who don’t use solar? Can utilities set rates that are fair to all? A new white paper offers an analytical framework to help decision makers assess the benefits and costs, and manage the trade-offs inherent in the use of solar PV.

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Protecting Water for Power

Waters Rule

The EPA tracks use of water to ensure minimal repercussions on wildlife and the natural environment. A proposed power plant water intake regulation under section 316(b) of the Clean Water Act requires utilities to put controls on most existing power plants if state agencies decide that the utility’s water intake conditions might endanger aquatic life.

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