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Despite what critics tell you, electric vehicles may still be environmentally friendly


These days, for every report, study, or article touting the positives of electric vehicles (EV), there’s another that says the opposite. This type of confusions leaves many people with a lot of questions, especially if they think EVs may one day replace the internal combustion engines that have dominated car production for the last century.

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FERC’s Bay Repeatedly Highlights Flaws in Mandatory Capacity Markets

Flaws in Mandatory Capacity Markets

FERC Chairman Norman Bay has done it again. He pointed out, in no uncertain terms, that Eastern RTO-administered capacity constructs have a complex, flawed design and burden on consumers. Chairman Bay said that an Aug. 25 FERC order on transitional capacity auctions run by the PJM Interconnection would impose a heavy cost on consumers “with no corresponding benefits”
APPA applauds Chairman Bay for continuing to unequivocally make the case for overhaul of Eastern capacity construct designs.

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MISO and PJM: A Tale of Two Markets and Customer Woes


This is not a blog about investment advice. While I may have an acceptable level of knowledge and modest skills in a number of areas, offering investment advice is a quick way to turn good friends into ex-friends. No, this is not about the stock market. Rather, it is about the capacity markets in the Midcontinent Independent System Operator and the PJM regional transmission organization (RTO) regions.

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Are You Ready for FLSA Changes to Overtime Pay?

FLSA Changes to Overtime Pay

You’ve likely been inundated with emails from employment attorneys, vendors, and others about the upcoming changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act to raise the salary threshold at which white-collar workers qualify for overtime pay. While the rule won’t be finalized for months, the proposed change is forcing companies to consider keeping closer tabs on hours worked by employees eligible for overtime.

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Senate Leaders Unveil Energy Legislation, House Panel Approves Energy Bill


Efforts to advance broad energy legislation in Washington, D.C., moved forward in July with the unveiling of an energy bill by Republican and Democratic leaders of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee and the passage of energy legislation by a key House subcommittee.

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Electricity Is More than the Bill, Let’s Tell Our Customers


When I started my career in public power in 1979 at the Intermountain Consumer Power Association, I didn’t know the difference between a kilowatt and a kilowatt-hour — let alone what public power was. Fortunately, I had several mentors who not only helped me advance in my career but also nurtured in me a passion for all that is public power, and the wonderful American spirit of community.

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