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Downton Abbey Energy Edition: Season Two


The second installment of QER is focused specifically on the electricity sector, from generation to end use. I participated on a panel at the Feb. 4 meeting that addressed how the country can plan, build, maintain, and operate the appropriate amount of bulk power generation and transmission for future needs. I told my fellow panelists and audience members that I felt like I had been asked to appear in the opening episode of Season Two of the PBS hit series, Downton Abbey — “Energy Edition.” And I was only half-joking.

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Making Forward Progress on 111(d)

On Dec. 1, APPA filed our comments with the Environmental Protection Agency on its proposal to limit CO2 emissions from existing power plants under Section 111(d) of the Clean Air Act. APPA staff labored long and mightily to produce these comments, and I am justly proud of the cross-departmental team we assembled to do this work.

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