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Tribute to Alex Radin, the face of public power


On June 21, I (and many others) attended a commemorative gathering for Alex Radin held at the National Press Club. Alex was  Executive Director of the American Public Power Association for over thirty years; he died on April 11 at the age of 92. The large gathering reflected how many lives he had touched. People from all parts of his life—his wife, sons and extended family, APPA employees and alumni, members of his book club, representatives of fellow trade associations and his caregiver during his last weeks—came, and spoke about their remembrances of him. Deborah Sliz did a masterful job as presider.

The word we heard the most from those who spoke was “gentleman.” Which he clearly was, as well as being an effective advocate for the causes in which he believed and a supportive, affectionate and caring husband, father, grandfather and friend. We should all live such long and productive lives, and leave behind so many with such good memories.

A video tribute to Alex Radin is on the APPA website.

Sue Kelly

Sue Kelly

President and CEO