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Homegrown makes a difference


It’s not uncommon on restaurant menus today to see where the ingredients in your meal are coming from: beets dug from a family farm in Virginia, pork pastured on a green field in South Carolina, blueberries from wild bushes in Maine. That menu might even tell you how many miles your food traveled to your plate, and the growing trend seems to be the closer the better. “Buy Local” is the buzz phrase — and those who do are called “locavores.” Maybe buying local should also be considered when it comes to power.

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Public Power and the strength of the pack


Joint action agencies provide a great variety of services to their member distribution utilities — from “bread and butter” power supply and wholesale transmission services to value-added services like energy efficiency programs and rate studies. The analogy of the pack is very applicable to the joint action model, and indeed, to public power as a whole. Let’s not forget that we are stronger when we work together.

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