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Planes, trains & automobiles: coast to coast


My last two weeks have been spent in planes, trains and automobiles. I have been in upstate New York, Southern California, and New York City. Public power systems across the country should be paying close attention to what is going on in New York and California, to glean lessons learned. We should be incorporating new ways to serve our customers when it makes sense to do so. The hardest task is distinguishing between the fads and the trends.

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At French Lick: vital role of joint action agencies

Public Power at French Lick

I went to French Lick, Indiana, to speak at the annual meeting of IMPA, a joint action agency serving 60 Indiana public power electric utilities. Our joint action agencies play a vital role in the public power ecosystem, handling power supply, transmission, and a host of other services for their local utility members. This allows the members to do what they do best — provide reliable, reasonably priced and environmentally responsible retail electric service.

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